Techno-Economic Feasibility Study


Brio Hydroponics puts up all efforts to perform an assessment on:

A detailed project report on multiple technical and financial indicators considered for setting up of Hydroponics Project

  • The kind of materials needed
  • The structures needed to support the brilliant farming setup.
  • It goes even a step further to perform local market research.
  • This 360 degree research reveals a lot about the consumer preferences in detail.

Financial Feasibility Reports

Financial Feasibility Reports Detailed Reports on technical parameters like

  • Most suitable length of pipes
  • Tensile strength of the materials used in installing polyhouses and a lot more
  • Prepared by our team of experts from fields like engineering, agronomy, biology, etc.

Expert Assistance

When it comes to financial parameters, multiple financial statements and other important particulars are prepared with the help of experts from the fields of banking, finance, etc.

Core Result: In all, this study is highly useful as it helps in understanding the inherent benefits and risks of the project.

Wise Strategy: On top of that, a detailed appraisal of the financial and technical indicators of the project, sets down a very lucid timeline for infusing right amount of money and resources into the project.


Lets Collaborate

Right from Doctors, Corporate Giants, Media Houses to Educational Institutes, retail distribution partners and Governments, we form a long term partnership with all of them to curate a profitable growth story.

Opportunities and scope of hydroponics are advancing day by day and we have kept our fingers astutely affixed on the nerves of these developments.