:: Regarding Us ::

BRIO HYDROPONICS (A Unit Of Brio Agri Producer Company Ltd.) is a producer company registered under the companies Act, 1956, having a basic object of development and growth of the Farmers community with the aid of Highest quality of the Agricultural Instruments.

Brio Agri Producer Company is a congregation set-up administrated for growing impact on farmers of India. Global warming and climate change are the two most challenging threats against today’s scientist and technocrats. With an intention for betterment of Indians and abstaining the above mentioned challenges we have taken former step to introduce Hydroponics. Hydroponics is the science of growing plants without soil. Nutrients are supplied to plants through water, with or without a growing medium. The produce is higher in nutritional value, healthier and long lasting.

With an impulsion to reach each farmer of India and to cognizant them with this “Supreme Technology of Farming”-Hydroponics and also to aware them to do farming with debris and using vertical farming with limited land available to them.

:: Vision ::

We are committed to Sustainability, Good Business and The Healthy Food Movement for the people.

:: Mission ::

Promoting farming in Rural and Urban developing economies by using Hydroponics system. This will save water, electricity and soil fertility and yet produce variety of 100% residual free food material.

:: Why to opt for Us ::

The right use of technology can improve a field’s produce but the problem is that Indian farmers are already struggling with finances and are reluctant to take risks “They fear that if their investment in technology does not work out, it may lead to huge losses,” With an intention to change the equation by taking technology to as many farmers as we can. And that is where “Brio-Hydroponics” comes into the picture.

Having competence in following fields we adorn to develop India.

  • Foremost Producer Company to aware for Smart Agriculture before its commercial activity.
  • Organizing training session for awareness of using hydroponics.
  • Providing quick after sales service with an initiative of “Buy Back” for its customers.
  • Having highly qualified experts to maintain the Hydroponics System.
  • We work on eliminating pesticides for cultivation and harvesting of crops.