Project Design and site planning


This stage demands the creation of solid blueprint.

Value Added: Lays down the framework for optimal use of available resources, like land, labour, capital, water, electricity and modern techniques,
Crucial factors like :

  • Floor design
  • Setting up of exhaust fans and foggers
  • Installation of Water circulation systems, and
  • Pilot tests of the performance of multiple hydroponics system
  • Cost Effective Designs

Form the list of initial tasks. Eventually tasks like setting the pH and EC limits of the water in circulation are also set as per the variety of plant crops to be grown. The best part is, Real time monitoring data of every day is made available on all devices connected to the central system.

Continuous Consultation by Experts

Considering the long-term goals, multiple strategies are prepared for timely execution of setup installation that is cost effective.
Other factors like

  • Land use plans
  • Obtaining essential approvals and
  • Assembling of structures

are all designed and commissioned as per the project requirements.


Lets Collaborate

Right from Doctors, Corporate Giants, Media Houses to Educational Institutes, retail distribution partners and Governments, we form a long term partnership with all of them to curate a profitable growth story.

Opportunities and scope of hydroponics are advancing day by day and we have kept our fingers astutely affixed on the nerves of these developments.