Health benefits of hydroponic vegetables
  • 06/05/2022

If you're looking for a way to get your daily dose of veggies while being kind to the planet, hydroponics is the way to go! Hydroponic vegetables are grown without soil, using only water and nutrients. They are typically more nutritious than their soil-grown counterparts due to the controlled environment and lack of pests and chemicals. [...]

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Tips to start your own agribusiness
  • 15/04/2022

Starting an agribusiness can be a great way to get involved in the food industry. Hydroponics is a sustainable method of farming that is revolutionizing the agricultural industry because of the wide range of benefits it provides. If you're thinking of starting an agribusiness, then hydroponics could be a great option for you. [...]

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Invest In Farming Without Owning land
  • 25/03/2022

There are a few ways through which an individual can get to invest in a farm without actually owning it. Commercial hydroponic farming is one that has been gaining momentum and attracting many investors. [...]

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How to Grow Strawberries in Hydroponic Farm
  • 15/03/2022

Do you know that hydroponic farming is the most profitable and sustainable farming technique that is snowballing worldwide. Strawberries are one of the best crops that can be grown via hydroponics. Learn how to grow strawberries in hydroponic farms and the easiest way to adopt commercial hydroponic farming methods. [...]

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Environmental benefits of hydroponic farms
  • 22/02/2022

Hydroponics is in fact good for the environment because it offers a higher-yield alternative to soil food production, saves water, and eliminates the need for artificial lighting. Continue reading to learn more about how. [...]

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How hydroponics is revolutionizing the farming industry
  • 06/01/2022

These days, modern farmers are becoming more and more technology savvy. And what’s more, they are now relying on data and digital technologies as much as age-old wisdom and knowledge for farming. In such a scenario, the field of hydroponic farming in India has emerged as a key factor that will shape the future of the agricultural industry. [...]

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How does an NFT hydroponic system work?
  • 09/12/2021

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) is a fairly popular and highly versatile hydroponics system. An NFT hydroponic system is quite similar to a system made using the Ebb and Flow technique of hydroponics. Both of them constitute the use of water pumps in order to deliver nutrients to plants. [...]

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Best Vegetable Plants to Grow Hydroponically
  • 10/11/2021

many farmers are now including hydroponically grown vegetables as a part of their produce. A lot of people from non-agricultural backgrounds are also growing fruits and veggies in their apartments, offices, warehouses, and various otherwise unutilized spaces through hydroponics. [...]

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What are the 9 Most Profitable Crops to Grow Hydroponically
  • 27/10/2021

Commercial Hydroponic Farming is gaining popularity day by day. The demand for fresh, healthy, and chemical-free crops has pushed hydroponics as a business and even as a hobby for many people especially those living in the urban places. Hydroponics farming setup can be built inside a room or even on extensive land. [...]

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Hydroponic Farming: A New Way for Future Entrepreneurs
  • 07/10/2021

Hydroponics farming seems to be a promising futuristic solution. Brio Hydroponics is one of the leading hydroponic solution providers. If you are new to farming and want the expertise of a hydroponics specialist to guide you through the growing process, Brio is offering an opportunity to collaborate for a hydroponic joint venture. [...]

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Future of Hydroponics Amid Global Food Crisis
  • 14/09/2021

According to the statistics, even food production has increased by almost 2 times. Despite that India still does not have sufficient resources to feed its population. In this blog, we will look at how Commercial Hydroponics Farming in India can help amid the food crisis within the country and globally. [...]

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Guide to Invest in Hydroponic Farming
  • 31/08/2021

Investing in a futuristic business like Hydroponics Farming can be a great way to diversify your capital. Those considering investing in the Hydroponic Farming business might be well aware of what Hydroponics Farming is. It is the technology of skipping the soil and growing the plant directly in nutrient-rich water. [...]

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Reconnect with Nature through Hydroponics Farming
  • 06/07/2021

Mr. Pravin Patel: An Agri-preneur innovator reconnects the urban gardener with nature by introducing the modern farming technique of hydroponics the most stress relieving. Mr. Pravin Patel also considered it as fun exciting and easy to get involved in. [...]

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Types of Hydroponic Farming
  • 16/02/2021

Hydroponic farming is a very useful and very popular technique in India. In this method, plants growing in a water solution that's rich in nutrients. You can say there is no soil, but they create the nutrient-rich solution for the crop's growth. Read More on Types of Hydroponic Farming. [...]

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Understanding about Hydroponic Farming
  • 29/01/2021

As the climate changes and people are moving forward with city culture, it is hard to preserve lands for farming. So not only in India but the world is moving forward to hydroponic farming. The hydroponic farming concept is going for many years in India. [...]

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Hydroponics Farming In India – The Ultimate Guide
  • 12/08/2020

Can you imagine growing plants without soil? No hassles of dirt, mud, or even the need for excess space for gardening or farming. Sounds bizarre, doesn’t it? Well, it is very much possible! Read this post on Hydroponics Farming In India – The Ultimate Guide [...]

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A To Z About Hydroponic System
  • 29/06/2020

Are you aware of the hydroponic systems? If not, then let us take you through the different types of hydroponic system that can be used in the technique. Read A To Z About Hydroponic System [...]

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Take Advantage of Hydroponics - Read These 8 Tips
  • 19/06/2020

Did you know that Hydroponics farming can be advantageous? Are you thinking to adopt this technique? By acknowledging the whole picture of hydroponics, I can bet you will be stupefied and felt compelled to use the idea of hydroponics farming. [...]

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Hydroponics vs Aeroponics – Which is better?
  • 27/03/2020

Both Hydroponics and Aeroponics are sustainable, water-conservative farming methods, differing only by the medium which is used in the growth of the plants. Hydroponics is the growth of plants using a nutrient-rich solution, instead of water. [...]

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Different types of Hydroponic Systems
  • 26/03/2020

When considering growing plants in a hydroponic way one must make sure the type of hydroponic system is suitable for the plants they are growing. The crops are grown in net-house which provides the plants with a micro-climate which is a very contributing factor for healthy plants. [...]

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Introduction to Hydroponics
  • 26/03/2020

A detailed introduction on Hydroponics, a technique of growing plants and vegetables without any soil. There are major advantages of using hydroponics methods in India. [...]

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