10 Reasons why Hydroponics farming is booming in Bangalore

10 Reasons why Hydroponics farming is booming in Bangalore

Agriculture is the primary sector of the Indian economy and is referred to as the backbone of the nation. Yet, this sector’s contribution to the country has been on the decline. With globalization and digitalization on the rise, the agricultural sector also needs an upgrade. But the farmers in India have no or very less access to the technical equipment. With the capitalist markets, the farmers are also suffering a significant loss. The lack of cultivable lands has also become an issue to be considered. An effective solution to this never-ending crisis might just be Hydroponics in India.

  • Hydroponics in India is a budding sector with many branches in urban cities around the country. The number of hydroponic plants in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and such metropolitan cities is constantly growing.


  •  Hydroponic systems are very advantageous to the farmers and also to the environment. This soil-less and water-less farming system grows plants with a nutrient-rich solution.


  • These systems can be easily built in compact spaces as they require very less garden space. They could be planted in your balcony or even on your office rooftop. This is the reason why it is so popular in urban farming in cities like Bangalore.


  • The fact that hydroponic plants grow 50% faster than the traditional farming plants and can yield crops throughout the year, irrespective of the seasons and rainfall. This is a convincing reason to take up hydroponics in India. The nutrient-rich solution provides all the necessary primary and secondary nutrients to the plants, which automatically boost their growth.


  • This type of Hydroculture conserves about 80% of the water content used for traditional farming. This is why urban farming companies choose hydroponics for their business. India’s ‘Silicon Valley,’ Bangalore is facing a water crisis due to the rapid urbanization and poor water management. Adopting a hydroponic farming method could help Bangalore revert this crisis.


  • This customized farming method, without the use of insecticides, yields 100% pure, fresh and unadulterated produce. Be it a small scale production for kitchens or large scale cultivation for business, hydroponic farms yield fresh produce with great profit.


  • Hydroponic farming systems can be easily built by beginners. The homemade systems could be built using PVC pipes and such minor, cost-effective raw materials. This is also the reason why hydroponics is widely popular in the sustainable farming sector.


  • The nutrient-rich solution used for the growth of plants in a hydroponic system is readily available. These solutions are crafted for every different species of crops based on their requirements of primary and secondary nutrients.


  • With many different varieties of hydroponic systems available, like the Raft system and the vertical system, the DIY systems are cost-effective and the mechanics of these systems are easily suitable for beginners and farmers with no prior experience. Only certain specifications like water management like testing the pH levels, the nutrient concentration and refilling water require hands-on training and experience. Otherwise, the hydroponic systems are user-friendly.


  • With numerous advantages, hydroponic farms are budding across the concrete jungle of Bangalore. The water conservation and the less garden space are the added advantages of hydroponics that have been found suitable for Bangalore.