Project Development


A step by step explanation

1. Development of Polyhouse Structure:

Attention to details serves an absolute advantage.Brio Hydroponics administers a safe environment setup where we lay immense emphasis on safe keeping of crops in customised polyhouses. Time and again we have demonstrated our prowess in installing cost effective yet strong structures that fit all budget sizes.

Our design of robust polyhouses’ setup installed at multiple climatic zones, are capable enough to withstand high wind speeds, water supply, humidity control and perfect ventilation conditions.
When it comes to designing the polyhouse structure, a lot depends on your selection of equipments that comply with the standards.


There are various grades available in the market and it calls for choosing either of the two: Basic Grade Design or Customised Design that suits the hydroponics plants’ requirement. Details like using GI pipes of varying thickness, polythene of varying tensile strength helps in preparing a robust Polyhouse structure that serves the needs of multiple climatic zones.

2. Irrigation:

It’s more than just water circulation. It’s the new science. In hydroponics system those water circulation systems are designed that seriously take into consideration the space and other physical dimensions of the setup Also vital are the fittings used in installing these systems. At many of our plants we have given special focus to the quality of fittings used for pad water circulation systems to the crops that are set as per the scientific principles. After all quality is at the core of our mission.

Also, designing efficient water circulation systems are important because its the water that takes with flow the nutrient mix that forms the nourishment plan of the hydroponics crops. As stated earlier, our topmost concern for humidity and ventilation also puts special focus on the use of superior quality foggers for maintaining standard humidity for the plants. What gains more vitality is the tank capacity used for drawing water. This stage works on finding the right volume of water to be drawn from the reservoir into the tanks that ultimately supply the water to the circulation system.

3. Hydroponics System Installation:

Diversity of methods used, always reap unique results.Time and again, Brio Hydroponics has proved its proficiency in developing all kinds of hydroponics systems with utmost tenacity of our efforts. In setting up, we design frames that support all the popular methods like:

NFT (Nutrient Filming Technique) System: Nutrient film technique (NFT) is a hydroponic technique where shallow stream of water containing all the dissolved nutrients required for plant growth is re-circulated past the bare roots of plants through watertight channels.
A-Frame: As the name suggests, this vertical hydroponic setup is in the form of the alphabet “A” and maximizes the quantity of harvest. You’ll find these setups mostly on terraces, backyards and balconies. It can be setup in a space as small as 25 sq. ft. to a bigger space where it can be specially customised. It is used to grow basil, mint, lettuce, etc.
Flat Bed: This NFT technique is used to grow plants that are small in size and have quick growth. It is too popular with home grown hydroponics setup, but commercial hydroponics also use this to grow crops like baby lettuce, herbs and other baby greens. The reason why its popular is all because of its fairly simple design and easy to install procedures.

NFT Systems - Leafy Greens
Lettuce Lolloo Rosso Romaine Lettuce Butterhead Green Oak
Red Oak Basil Spinach Parsley Kale

Dutch Bucket Systems: THE DUTCH BUCKET plant production system can easily accommodate a few to several large fruit plants that you can grow in the greenhouse for a few months up to a year. Grow Bags are ideal for commercial nurseries, greenhouses as well as home gardens and works well with drip irrigation system.

Capsicum Zucchini Broccoli Cherry Tomatoes

Vertical Tower Systems: In Vertical Hydroponics Systems the frame is set in a vertical, gravity fed system design. Water circulation systems are also designed in a way in which water is supplied from the top and the water gets accumulated at the bottom. According to different requirements of the project, this design can also be modified.

VERTICAL TOWER SYSTEMS - Medicinal and Aromatic Herbs
Basil Oregano Sage Rosemary Thyme Mint

4. Nutrient System:

When the appetite is good, so is the growth. A lot of thought is given by our agronomists on supplying the nutrients in the right mix recommended by the experts. Proper lab test reports are also obtained for the nutrient mix prepared. Nutrients Ratio takes into account how you prepare these ingredients for the crops: NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) Ratio, Calcium and Iron. There’s a strong reason on why we support the use of Lab Grade Hydroponics Nutrients over Commercial Grade Nutrients. Its because lab grade nutrients are highly concentrated and very low on heavy metals. On the other hand the commercial grade nutrients have a very high content of heavy metals that harm the health of consumers.

5. Automation:

Data is the new oil for green growth. All the systems work automatically and continuously collect and update data, that is easily accessible by smartphones, tablets and desktops. Our commitment to empower the decision makers by easily accessing the data at just one tap on their gadgets has added newer dimensions to how we use software systems for the good of agriculture.

Easy to use software is installed and synced with the clients’ accounts so that they can track the functioning of the whole plant. Further, we always provide assistance in addressing all kinds of issues that come up for improvements.


Lets Collaborate

Right from Doctors, Corporate Giants, Media Houses to Educational Institutes, retail distribution partners and Governments, we form a long term partnership with all of them to curate a profitable growth story.

Opportunities and scope of hydroponics are advancing day by day and we have kept our fingers astutely affixed on the nerves of these developments.