Brio Indulgence

:: Brio Indulgence ::

Spheres of Brio-Hydroponics

  • Hydroponics Project Set Up.
  • Guidelines for Hydroponics System.
  • Crop Management.
  • Data Management.
  • Marketing Guidelines.
  • Exotic Crops Export Facility.
  • Aquaponics and Aeroponics Consultancy.
  • Automatization.
  • Residue Free Production.

Brio Owes You 

  • We take great pride and in helping our customers start, maintain and produce healthy and productive plants. The products that we offer are all chosen for their quality and over-all value. Our knowledgeable staff will help you choose the right products for your use providing minimum space for yielding and speedy installations.
  • We have proficient team for different irrigation system, controlled system, crop management, agronomic systems, and market researches.

We are bound to support you for:

  • Free Agronomy Services for one year through Expert Person.
  • BRIO field Training to the customer and Supervision of Project.
  • Our proficient team will help you to develop new Crop and also assist in increasing earning through new products.
  • Experts Guidance for cycle of Crops.

Our Indulgence

  • Setting up of Turnkey Commercial Hydroponics Projects.
  • Consultancy for Hydroponics Feasibility studies and Project Reports.
  • Training in Basics of Commercial Hydroponics.
  • Supply of Hydroponic nutrients and Media.
  • Conducts seminars with Experts like Professors from the Indian Universities and officers of the State Government as well as Central Government (Retd) of Agriculture department on Hydroponics.