What are the 9 Most Profitable Crops to Grow Hydroponically

What are the 9 Most Profitable Crops to Grow Hydroponically

Commercial Hydroponic Farming is gaining popularity day by day. The demand for fresh, healthy, and chemical-free crops has pushed hydroponics as a business and even as a hobby for many people, especially those living in urban places. Hydroponics farming setup can be built inside a room or even on extensive land.

If as an individual you have an inclination towards gardening and wish to explore hydroponic farming to grow fresh green and turn it into a profitable business, you will need to dig in a little to know how to make it profitable before you start the business. One way in which you can start is to identify the crops that can yield profits easily for your commercial hydroponic farming.

Let us look at some of the most profitable crops to grow hydroponically.

Hydroponics as a business is gaining prominence because of its ability to grow high-yielding crops quite efficiently without the usage of soil and harmful chemicals. Whether it is a small space at home like a balcony/ garden or acres of land, growing hydroponically is possible. One of the major key highlights that also needs attention is that it is not dependent on the weather change, hence, you can grow crops without the dependency on climate and weather cycle.

So let us begin 9 profitable crops that can be grown hydroponically if you are planning a hydroponic farming setup in India.

1. Basil

Basil is one of the most loved herbs in India- it has a great fragrance and adds the perfect flavor to any cuisine. Basil can be grown hydroponically and one can choose from many varieties like Thai basil, Italian Basil, sweet basil, purple basil, and other varieties. Herbs are one of the best options for any market grower. Approximately, Basil grown in a hydroponic farming setup can be priced around Rs. 40 to 50 for 50 grams. Restaurants that make continental food can always be the most suitable option to sell the produce.

2. Cilantro 

If you have just begun your hydroponic farming setup and want to play it safe and steady then cilantro can definitely be one of the plants with which you can start your hydroponics farming setup in India and earn initial profits. The emphasis is given to the word India because the leaves of the coriander plant are used in multiple ways in Indian dishes. Whether it is the spicy green chutney or the beautiful garnish over pav-bhaji, coriander always finds its way. Hydroponically grown cilantro can be identified easily and even the taste is much more refreshing. The prices keep varying but they are always promising and your stocks can finish in a matter of a few hours.

3. Lettuce

Everyone is getting conscious about their health these days. This has drastically increased the consumption of green salad. Lettuce is one of the favorite exotic veggies that enhances the taste of any salad. The consumption of lettuce is growing and they are priced around 90 to 150 per piece. One can easily grow a variety of lettuce like an iceberg, butterhead, romaine, etc. This can be a promising addition to your profit.

4. Spinach

Just like lettuce, Spinach can be grown at a very fast pace in hydroponic conditions. Spinach is an incredibly healthy vegetable that possesses antioxidant properties. In just 8- 21 days one can see the spinach growing. When spinach is grown hydroponically, it looks lush green and even has comparatively more nutrients. It can even be sold at great prices in the market.

5. Peppers

When we talk about growing peppers it can be a little trickier than the above-mentioned crops. Peppers are grown in a similar way as tomatoes are grown hydroponically. One must keep a close eye and raise the temperature at night and decrease it in the day. These crucial adjustments can enhance the taste and nutrient levels of the peppers. These can be quickly sold at a good price in grocery markets and restaurants.

6. Spring Onion

Spring onions are used widely in dishes from different continents. A rich source of vitamin C and K, it can be of great help in treating cold and viral infections. Spring Onions can be grown hydroponically, and the result is more juicy and nutritious.

7. Mint

One can never have enough of this herb. The refreshing green mint leaves are popular for their magic when it is put in tea or any drink like mojitos. It can be grown easily and is sold at a good price as well.

8. Cucumber

Cucumber is a great source of calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron, and many other vital vitamins. Cucumber even has a great effect on the aging process, cleaning the body, and has many other benefits. Hence, it can be a useful and great option to grow cucumber hydroponically. They have a good yield and can grow easily plus they are widely consumed in India along with food as quick salads.

9. Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves are widely used in households to add aroma and great taste to a dish. There are multiple varieties of Bay Leaves like Indonesian, Mexican, and California. The market of spices in India is also huge and selling the produce won’t take much time. There is also a good profit margin in the same.


Many other crops can similarly be grown like cherry tomatoes, turmeric, ginger french beans, and many more. Hydroponics Farming has opened the door for new possibilities. To grow crops without soil and less water at any place is a great advantage. If you are looking to go big in hydroponics, Brio Hydroponics can help you with its years of expertise. We have great investment opportunities with customized hydroponics models- where you can multiply your wealth by just investing. To know more about how you can explore this flourishing field, get in touch with us.