Success Story of Mr. Pravin Patel, Founder of Brio Hydroponics

Success Story of Mr. Pravin Patel, Founder of Brio Hydroponics


Wide-spread drought, pest-ridden crop failures, and a strained demand market flush with produce laced with pesticides amidst challenging growing conditions. The soil in the farmlands is degrading due to indiscriminate use of fertilizers, pesticides, and careless discharge of polluted industrial effluents and municipal sewerage waters into the irrigation canals and finally to the fertile farmlands. 

Besides that, do we really have enough lands to feed the rising population of the world? 

These questions demand an answer with more urgency than ever. Pravin Patel, a modern-day agripreneur (agricultural entrepreneur) from Vadodara, Gujarat identified this need and brought the concept of soil-less farming to the lands of Gujarat and beyond. 

And hence, he collaborated with his friend, Jay Kumar Bhatt, and formed a company, Brio Agri Producer Company Limited. 

Pravin Patel’s ambitions lied in sustainable farming that gave people the privilege of growing their own food and in empowering farmers with 40 times more production through 10 times less water than traditional farming. 

And there was the rise of India’s leading hydroponics farm set-up company, Brio Hydroponics. 

Today, Brio Hydroponics works with three ideologies. 

  1. Hydroponics home grow kits for home/flat owners so that they can grow exotic vegetables anywhere, in any season. 

  2. Consulting modern-day agripreneurs while providing the right resources and technological innovation, so that they adopt best farming practices and harvest quality of produce. 

  3. Providing investment opportunities for the farmers and other investors to be a part of Brio’s Hydroponics farming’s success. Under these investment opportunities, Brio Hydroponics assures you with up to 30% returns on hydroponics farm setups and up to 18% returns on fixed deposits.

To support these agripreneurs, Brio Hydroponics also extends a 100% buy-back facility along with accessing the widespread distribution network of Brio Hydroponics.

Recently in 2020, Pravin Patel and Jay Kumar Bhatt have brought another business venture, Vexotics, that sells and delivers exotic vegetables online. 

Pravin Patel has committed to his vision—100% sincere commitment to consumer’s health—and ensures that every action of his and his business follows it. 

Today, Brio Hydroponics is one of the leading consultants, EPC contractors as well as manufacturers of affordable premium quality structures & related accessories for hydroponics.

Over the years, Brio Hydroponics has gained the trust and faith of well-established businesses in the context of hydroponics farming.