Should Greenhouses Require Proper Exposure Of Sun?

Should Greenhouses Require Proper Exposure Of Sun?

Definitely you will be in amazement when you came to know about the correlation between sun exposure and Greenhouse farming in India. Normally we assume that greenhouses function independently without any reliance on sunlight.

But that’s not true!!

Keep remembering, Sunlight always be good for the greenhouse regardless of the size, be it small or big.  And in winter it pretty much more compulsory to eventually benefit the garden. This is one of the modern ways of planting which has been adopted by many cultivators in today’s world.

Before digging deeper into this topic, you should know the proper denotation of full shade, partial shade, and full Sun.

Full Shade

Sunlight will be available for 2 hours or less than that

Partial Shade

4 to 6 hours of sunlight

Full Sun

At least 6 hours of sunlight or more than that

Significance of the Sun

Have you listen about the term, Photosynthesis. Evidently, Yes. Then you can’t overlook the importance of the Sun. It is always being the main renewable source of energy for every living being and it is of utmost vital for the plant’s growth too. In fact, without sun, even a seed can never sprout and no plant can grow or survive.

Which position is better for your plants - North, South, West or East?

Selecting the best location and angle for your plants play a crucial role in the overall growth of plants. The most preferable location to get the full Sun is South and southeast but it also varies according to the states where you want to build the greenhouses. Apart from this fact, keep in note that plants also require some darkness also for respiration purposes.

Keep away tall trees

If in a greenhouse, you have a collection of taller plants then you should be sure enough that it shouldn’t block the sunlight of smaller plants. Always try to avoid the shadows of buildings and trees as much as you can for the better exposure of Sun. Even the situation get worse also when bird droppings dirt the glass panes.

How to monitor sunlight during the hot months

Sometimes the time arises when you have to manage the sunlight because of the emission of heat energy from the Sun. There are several ways through which you can manage the amount of sunlight entering the greenhouse: a good ventilation system, plantation of deciduous trees during summer seasons and the placement of plants.

Might be you have a question in your mind what happens if the greenhouse is in shade?

The ideal site for the greenhouse always is the full Sun. Too much shade is never being good for the plants growth. It will leave the roots weaker and the leaves small. This means plants will never be recovered in a better way.

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