Reconnect with Nature through Hydroponics Farming

Reconnect with Nature through Hydroponics Farming

Mr. Pravin Patel: An Agri-preneur innovator reconnects the urban gardener with nature by introducing the modern farming technique of hydroponics the most stress relieving. Mr. Pravin Patel also considered it as fun exciting and easy to get involved in.

By 2030 41% of Indians will be living in an urban area and will be struggling to get fresh food. We all are moving forward to the culture of growing our own greens vegetables and herbs at home. This culture is of Hydroponic farming. The scientific technique of hydroponic farming is the solution to many problems. Most households quest to find pesticide-free veggies, especially the green has perhaps given required thrust to this new way of growing crops. Hydroponic farming is considered as the best innovation in the modern farming technique which is suited for the Indian household more so far urban homes that are worried to find enough spaces, soil, and time to grow their veggies. One of the advantages of hydroponic farming is it can be done anywhere hydroponics apartment hydroponic is reality.

 The benefit of Hydroponic farming is that it is easy to do indoors. Plants grown in soil need to spread their roots to find water and all the nutrients they need to survive.  In a hydroponic system, roots don’t need to spread because water and nutrients are delivered right to them. This farming system is very unique because here crops are grown organically without soil with nutrients and 90 percent less water pesticide-free and 40 percent more nutritious than traditional farming.

Hydroponics farming at home is not less than meditation. We feel relaxed and motivated with plants. Now growing vegetables is a simple solution to numerous health environmental and economic problems. It is beneficial for health as well as to the environment. Now with modern farming techniques, it is possible to get food in its rawest freshest form which is not only testy but also the most nutritional.

HYDROPONICS is better for its higher yield, water conservation, and removal of pesticides and herbicides. This modern farming technique is environment friendly by using few resources are seen as option more sustainable solution than traditional agriculture.