Pravin Patel: A Progressive Farmer On His Way To Reduce The Adverse Impacts Of Urbanization And Globalization

Pravin Patel: A Progressive Farmer On His Way To Reduce The Adverse Impacts Of Urbanization And Globalization


With the vision of reducing the adverse impacts of urbanization and globalization and providing a better environment for our country, Brio Agri Producer Company Ltd. in Vadodara was started. With the help of the Brio Hydroponic system, the world can get more out of the land. The technology is perfect to maximize production with less usage of water and soil. A grower at heart, Pravin Patel is a visionary businessman aiming to make Brio Agri Producer Company India’s top Hydroponics turnkey solutions provider. 

Pravin Patel is an agripreneur turned modern farmer who believes strongly in sustainable farming. Under his expert guidance, team Brio works efficiently to produce hydroponic vegetables. Brio Hydroponics aims at preserving land, conservation of water, reduction in the use of fungicide and pesticide, reduced labor and maintenance work, and reducing time and effort. Brio Hydroponics is one of India’s leading Hydroponics solutions providing organization.

Global warming and climate change are the two most challenging threats against today’s scientists and technocrats. But Brio Hydroponics we develop nature-friendly yet commercially profitable sustainable farming methods. With this new technology, we provide organic and natural farming solutions. The company also offers training on hydroponic cultivation to traditional farmers. 

Pravin Patel is very progressive towards his work and he works every day for the betterment of society and to lead them for accepting the new farming system. He believes in the right use of technology and innovation. And is always in the search of new ways of farming hydroponically. Pravin Patel believes that making the nation greener and healthier is his only motto. He also influences young agripreneur to shift to hydroponics and make a better future. 

Hydroponics technology is turning out to be magical for commercial production. Brio Hydroponics empowers agriculturists to get maximum yield with minimal labor, land, and water. Our prime focus is to develop world-class hydroponics systems that can help agriculturists to overcome the challenge of global warming and adverse climatic conditions.

As a part of our expanding list of initiatives, we have also developed a beautiful host of services. Services that count in, project financing, 100% buyback of hydroponics produce and executing turnkey solutions for them. All the processes are free from pesticides and fertilizers. As it’s our topmost priority to ensure safe and healthy produce for humans and our mother nature.