“The need for agro-based products is on the rise, and the resources to fulfill them are constantly falling. Hence, hydroponics is a good method to meet the demand healthily.”

  • Mr. Pravin Patel

An Agri-preneur, Pravin Patel, after examining the high demand for organic and chemical-free crops in India, incepted a Hydroponics-based farming company named Brio Hydroponics, a unit of Brio Agri Producer Company Ltd. He believes that every citizen has the right to eat healthy. In today’s scenario, innovative agricultural techniques like hydroponics farming are the need of the hour. More than 110 million people across 53 countries faced acute food shortages and hunger in 2019, and to cater to such a mass, the need for hydroponic farming arises.

What is Hydroponic Farming?

A word that sounds so cool has a simple meaning. Hydroponic farming is nothing but growing crops without soil and providing phytonutrients through water, and in process, eliminating all the chemicals & pesticides used to produce them. It can grow crops anywhere, provides you with organic results, and provides you with various advantages.

How does Pravin Patel come into the picture?

Pravin Patel, an ABP Emerging 100 Award holder, is the Managing Director at one of the finest Hydroponics companies in India - Brio Agri Producer Company Ltd. 

At Brio Agri, he is constantly searching, developing, and implementing innovative agricultural farming techniques worldwide to provide India with the best no-soil healthy crops and reduce the acute shortage of exotic vegetables that are already rare and are becoming rarer; thanks to the increasing global warming.

He is highly dedicated to developing and expanding Brio Agri Producer Company Ltd., which benefits both the farmers and the environment. Since 2014, his passion for being an Agripreneur is bringing continuous success to himself and the firm.

Brio Hydroponics

A subsidiary firm of Brio Agri Products Company Ltd, Brio Hydroponics, is developed under the leadership of Mr. Pravin Patel, with the purpose to provide a better environment for our ecosystem by offering healthier solutions. Today, Brio offers an extensive range of services, starting from freshly grown vegetables through large-scale commercial projects to teaching hydroponics.

Some of the main offerings are;

  • Techno-Economic Feasibility Study

  • Crop Selection Framework

  • Assistance in Raising Funds

  • Project Design and Site Development

  • Project Development

  • Crop Management

  • Operational Training Modules 

  • AMC and Assistance in Marketing

Learn more about the services of Brio Hydroponics, a popular name in the agro-industry that produces greens like parsley, kale, lettuce, basil, spinach, sage, thyme, etc. 

Let us all support Mr. Pravin Patel in successfully implementing hydroponic farming across India and filling the gap between demand and supply of aged products. Learn from him, Grow with him.