Pravin Patel of Brio Hydroponics Awarded ABP Emerging 100

Pravin Patel of Brio Hydroponics Awarded ABP Emerging 100


The complex problems our world is dealing with need innovative solutions. We have to find sustainable methods in the way we treat the world. The world is dealing with the water crisis, soil crisis, and to help this, we need to switch to a sustainable form of farming with the limited use of resources that should not compromise the quality of the plants. That is where hydroponics farming comes in, this is the sustainable revolution we need, from efficient use of water and no use of soil, hydroponically produced fruits and vegetables are not just safe for consumption, it creates a safe surrounding environment for the residents (home farming) and the farmers (commercial farming).

In making farming sustainable and progressive, Brio Hydroponics, a venture started by Pravin Patel, has been awarded ABP Emerging 100 at the coffee table book launch event on 7th April 2021. The award was felicitated by Shri Nitin Gadkari – Hon. Minister of M.S.M.E (Medium Small Micro Enterprise). The initiative was started by ABP News in harmony with PM Narendra Modi’s vision of “Aatmanirbhar Bharat.” The initiative was started to award MSME industries and encourage other ventures, people, and enterprises to grow their existing venture to their best capabilities, which ultimately contribute to nation-building. Although big companies get all the attention the small and medium enterprises are crucial for the economy.

With this vision in mind, Pravin Patel, an agripreneur turned modern farmer who believes strongly in sustainable farming, started Brio Hydroponics. Under his expert guidance, team Brio works efficiently to produce hydroponic vegetables and provide nutritious food. Brio Hydroponics aims to grow the most organic and nutritious vegetables to help people stay healthy and fit.

Mr. Pravin Patel believes that sustainability and growth should be crucial aspects of everyone’s life. To support that belief, he lodged the sense of natural and economic sustainability in Brio Hydroponics. Under his guidance, Brio offers the development of hydroponic farms with many investors to grow their finances. The new generation of farming is now made easy for small-scale retail investors and FDI investors, adding to the already existing list of investors whereby their farms were adequately designed for horticulture and landscaping across every size. This advanced farming method can help one grow exotic vegetables like bell peppers, lettuce, strawberries, and vine crops such as cucumbers and some medicinal crops as per your requirements. Brio believes in creating a whole ecosystem, and that is why they also aid in the selling, branding, and export of the farm produce; in a special scenario, they aid in raw and processed foods. 

“We have been blessed with support from our clients and colleagues, and this award by ABP emerging 100 has been the cherry on the cake,” said Mr. Pravin Patel.