Pravin Patel: An Agripreneur Of A High- Tech, Progressive Sustainable Farming In Vadodara

Pravin Patel: An Agripreneur Of A High- Tech, Progressive Sustainable Farming In Vadodara


We have the right to consume nutritious food and also to provide others with that too. Providing fresh and organic food is the new motto for us. We are the champions of causes. The good cause of promoting all the benefits of Brio’s profitable Hydroponics farming systems. At Brio Hydroponics we develop systems that empower all the citizens of India, with a right: The right to have access to highly nutritious and 100% residual free food all around the year.

Pravin Patel is an agripreneur turned modern farmer who believes strongly in sustainable farming. Under his expert guidance, team Brio works efficiently to produce hydroponic vegetables. The team works effectively to grow and provide nutritious food. Brio Hydroponics aims to grow the most organic and nutritious vegetables to help people be healthy and stay fit. Brio Hydroponics is one of India’s leading hydroponics solutions providing organizations.

In today’s world where we eat vegetables with fungicide and pesticide in it, our health is very affected by it. And because of this, people are turning towards sustainable farming where people can grow their own organic and fresh vegetables with less usage of water and soil. Pravin Patel is one of the best agripreneur who is searching for new technology in sustainable farming. The company also offers training on hydroponic cultivation to traditional farmers.

Pravin Patel is very progressive towards his work and always works on making hydroponics reach in every house and people turn towards healthy eating. With a mission to make our community healthier, we at Brio Hydroponics are striving to build Hydroponic Industries in India. A major cultivator and service provider of organic and highly nutritious value foods, Brio accelerates the various levels of business between its own community farm, Urban Growers, and commercial growers, supplying genuine products to its customers. 

Choosing hydroponics systems to grow vegetables, will work best for you because these automatic systems need no to fewer efforts and take up small space to grow a large quantity of highly nutritious food also by adding all the other benefits it offers, makes it the ideal technology for urban cities, home-based solutions and provides for a healthier community.

Hydroponic farming in India grew out of our desire to grow food tastier, fresher, better for the environment and society. Our herbs are different from the people who cook them. We love that the fact is that a single herb can suit a variety of tastes. Today sustainable farming is the only way of eating healthy and nutritious food.