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In current times, we all are aware of what global warming is and how our climate impacts the food chain. Sudden rise in temperatures, droughts, stress conditions, or heavy rainfall affects the conventional farming immensely. This, most often, leads to improper crop productivity, diseased foliage, and reduced shelf life which eventually marks the need for effective agricultural strategies that may come up with unpredictable climatic conditions and various concerning factors.

However, today we are well occupied with certain modern techniques and methodology that helps us to grow our own vegetables and plants without using any kind of soil and torturing our land any further.Hydroponics is a breakthrough technology with futuristic approach for making our world a better place.

About us:
Brio Hydroponics is a prominent producer company registered under the Companies Act, 1956 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India). The company operates under the aegis of its parent concern- Brio Agri Producer Company Ltd. with a pledge to address dynamic environment issues. It was co-founded by Mr.Pravin Patel: one of the highly acclaimed names in the field since 2014. Having been consistent in marketing, he has also given his best to research and development of various hydroponic systems that are beneficial for farmers and the environment as well.

Post establishing a reputed market in India, the company has started providing its valuable business services in Singapore.

From crop selection framework to management and e-store marketing, we do it all at your convenience which makes us a one-stop destination for your requirements. At Brio Hydroponics we develop systems that shall empower all the citizens of Singapore with highly nutritious and 100% residual free food throughout the year.

We use pure water in place of soil in order to supply rich mix of suitable nutrients to the plants, with or without involving a growth medium. The company has been involved in the efficient production of green leafy vegetables like parsley, kale, lettuce, basil, spinach, sage, and thyme.

It is consistent and dedicated towards the optimal blend and utilization of natural resources – land, electricity, and water, avoiding any wastage. Brio Hydroponics is taking all the necessary steps, with the help of various sustainable farming methods, towards meeting the needs of present times as well as preserving the needs of future generations.The company is on a journey to develop nature friendly yet commercially profitable farming methods. These very methods have catered to address the need to develop better crop productivity.


Brio Hydroponics is one trusted name in the market, growing rapidly, and has been greatly involved in promoting the multiple benefits of hydroponic farming systems throughout the world. Our goal is toensure that people get the goodness of nature with residual-free and nutritious food, promoting hydroponic systems by creating a niche in every part of the world.

Brand’s promise:
"100 % Sincere Commitment for Consumer's health”

Why Hydroponics?

•    Plants have a tendency to grow faster in hydroponic by as much as 30-50% than in soil
•    No soil required, only water and nutrients
•    Less surface area required
•    You choose what you grow
•    Perk of growing off-season crops and vegetables
•    Faster and easier process
•    Grow your own crops all year round
•    Simple and saves money

Microgreens in Singapore:

Plants harvested at the seedling stage for consumption are known as Microgreens, also generally known as ‘baby plants’.  In Singapore, the humid and sunny climatic conditionsact as the perfect growth factors for these microgreens. Adequate amount of natural light along with balanced moisture and airflow helps inthe cultivation of a wide variety of wonderful veggies in a span of few days. Hydroponic systems help you achieve fresh produce with great results.What is going to be better than being able togrow your own microgreens as per need and harvest them fresh. 




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Lets Collaborate

Right from Doctors, Corporate Giants, Media Houses to Educational Institutes, retail distribution partners and Governments, we form a long term partnership with all of them to curate a profitable growth story.

Opportunities and scope of hydroponics are advancing day by day and we have kept our fingers astutely affixed on the nerves of these developments.

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