Types of Hydroponic Farming

Types of Hydroponic Farming

Hydroponic farming is a very useful and very popular technique in India. In this method, plants growing in a water solution that's rich in nutrients. You can say there is no soil, but they create the nutrient-rich solution for the crop's growth. The plants also have a sufficient amount of oxygen so they can quickly develop. There are many advantages of hydroponic farming, such as:

  • Quicker growth rate
  • Consume less space
  • Consume less water
  • Grow crop without any pesticide
  • It can grow in small containers as well.
  • Keep water impurities free.

Hydroponic farming has a great future in India. The next generation prefers to produce crops at home only and avoid all kinds of carbon food. There are mainly six types of hydroponic systems that are popular in the market.

  • Wick System:

It is a straightforward system in which you can effortlessly grow vegetables and herbs. This system doesn't need any electricity; the plants are directly placed within the nutrient-rich solution known as perlite or vermiculite. If you're using this system for growing plants, make sure plants will get the minimum amount of nutrients. This system is perfect for growing small herbs and vegetables. It doesn't require so much space, but you can cover it with a light net, giving the proper amount of sunlight and protecting the plants.

You can grow herbs and small plants that absorb more nutrients easily, known as heavy-feeding plants. If plants absorb more water, then it creates toxic minerals, and to remove them, it is necessary to use clean water after every 2-3 weeks. So the plants will be healthy, and crops are safe to eat.

  • Water Culture:

A water culture system is another easy way to grow plants very quickly. In this system, the plants' roots directly into the nutrient system, due to which plants can easily absorb the nutrients. The oxygen will pass through a diffuser or air stone. While using this system, it is mandatory to secure plants with net pots or shades. All types of crops can quickly be grown with this system. All you need to do is adjust the plant in a position with a foot system. With this method's help, crops will grow faster, and the only drawback is that this system will cause root diseases caused by dirty growing conditions.

  • Ebb and Flow (Flood and Drain):

The home gardeners mainly use this system; they make a perfect place and fit the plant for growing. As usual, the plant grows with a nutrient rich solution, which makes it faster. In this system, plants grow in a bed packed with a growing medium like Rockwool or perlite. It uses the water pump that floods the bed with rich-nutrient water and switches it off automatically. You need to set the timer for it so it will work automatically. If the pump controller can malfunction, then things may get stopped. All types of plants can be grown, but it must not be too large.

  • Drip Systems:

A drip system is rapid, and it works with a pump that drops water as per your requirement. You need to adjust the time in circulating or non-circulating systems. The controller will control the plants' drops and adjust the flow to meet the individual plant's needs. If the pump is not working, then it creates a problem.

  • Nutrient Film Technology (N.F.T):

This system is mainly used at polyhouse where several plants are growing together. In this system, the solution is to restore in a large reservoir, and it is pumped into slopped channels to reach the root of the plants. With this system, you cannot grow large plants because the pipes are small, and it is sufficient for small and medium plants only.

  • Aeroponic Systems:

This system is also used in a large number of industries. With this system's help, the solution in a large reservoir passed through pumps that are fixed on the ceiling at a distance. After that, as the timer on or switched on, it will sprinkle water over the plants and provides oxygen. Well, this system is especially for large plants.


All the system of hydroponic farming is amazing and can be used by anyone. Every people from the middle class to industrialists choose the best option for themselves and go ahead.