Praveen Patel: A Progressive Farmer From Vadodara That Brought Advanced Hydroponics Technology

Praveen Patel: A Progressive Farmer From Vadodara That Brought Advanced Hydroponics Technology


Brio Hydroponics was founded in 2014 to tackle some of the greatest challenges faced by the world today: CO2 emissions, waste, ecosystem collapse, water shortage, and food security. Humanity must increase food production by 70% to feed nearly 10 billion people by 2050. We must achieve this with 25% less farmland, degraded soils, and an ever more unstable climate. Our existing methods of agriculture will not be enough to feed ourselves. Additionally, the majority of our ‘fresh’ produce is imported out of season, often travelling hundreds of miles to reach our plates. 

Brio Hydroponics was founded to decrease the severe causes that we are going to face in near future. Brio Hydroponics is a contemporary method of horticulture or growing plants, usually farm produce, without using soil. In this way, plants grown hydroponically grow faster and healthier than plants in the soil. Praveen Patel is an agripreneur turned modern farmer who believes strongly in sustainable farming. Under his expert guidance, team Brio works efficiently to produce hydroponic vegetables. The team works effectively to help the nation to come up with all the environmental problems which the whole nation is facing today. 

A new generation of indoor agriculture companies is addressing this systemic problem by establishing localized indoor farms in and around cities, improving local food security, and reducing food waste. Reducing the amount of water usage in farming is comparatively low in hydroponics farming. With the increasing population, the shortage of food is also increasing and this traditional method of farming will not supply food to the whole nation. A major cultivator and service provider of organic and highly nutritious value foods, Brio accelerates the various levels of business between its own community farm, Urban Growers, and commercial growers, supplying genuine products to its customers. 

Brio Hydroponics uses high-tech progressive farming technology to grow nutritious vegetables with less soil and water. Vegetables grown in hydroponics are just as nutritious as vegetables grown in soil. Hydroponics technology is turning out to be magical for commercial production. Brio Hydroponics empowers agriculturists to get maximum yield with minimal labour, land, and water. Our prime focus is to develop world-class hydroponics systems that can help agriculturists to overcome the challenge of global warming and adverse climatic conditions.

Agricultural innovations like these, along with industry expansion, could also help ease the concerns that, due to population growth, the human race will become unable to adequately feed itself. By the year 2050, the planet’s population is expected to reach nearly 10 billion people, boosting food demands by approximately 60%. A 2018 study found that, if effectively deployed in cities around the world, urban agriculture could produce as much as 180 million metric tons of food a year, including up to 10% of the planet’s legumes, roots and tubers, and vegetables crops. The study showed such widespread urban agriculture integration would have a range of benefits, including reduced energy use and drastic cuts to water consumption.