Hydroponics Farming In India – The Ultimate Guide

Hydroponics Farming In India – The Ultimate Guide

Can you imagine growing plants without soil? No hassles of dirt, mud, or even the need for excess space for gardening or farming. Sounds bizarre, doesn’t it? Well, it is very much possible! The term used for this method is Hydroponics. The rising popularity of Hydroponics farming in India has garnered much attention lately. Curious to know why? Let us walk you through it and give you a better understanding of the Hydroponics industry in India.

 What is Hydroponic Farming? In simpler words, Hydroponics is the method of growing plants & crops without soil. It uses nutrient-rich solution and water to grow plants. This method of farming consumes less space, uses a lesser amount of water as compared to the traditional methods, & is a more controlled form of agriculture. The Hydroponic system provides an adequate amount of resources the plant requires and reuses them, in turn, avoiding wastage of resources. This method also yields a better quality of produce and stimulates faster growth. There are several types of system available for this method of farming that uses hydroponic nutrients in growing crops.

 So, does that make Hydroponic farming in India a better business model?

As per a research report, the India Hydroponics Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.53% during the forecasting period (2020-2027). While it is still debatable as to which method of farming is better, Hydroponic farming is a win in terms of use of resources, yields as compared to traditional methods, better for the environment, and also the farming of some seasonal crops & fruits anytime during the year. Growing demand for sustainable farming practices and higher yield of crops is driving the growth in this industry.

Brio Hydroponics is a pioneer in Hydroponics Farming in India. Tackling dynamic environment issues, Brio Hydroponics aims at developing nature-friendly yet commercially profitable farming methods. Over and above helping you set up your Hydroponic structure, be it for agricultural purposes or even to pursue gardening as a hobby, Brio Hydroponics also provides a solution in terms of project financing, buyback of Hydroponics produce, executing the entire process from scratch, and so on.

 The Greenhouse Setup

With the concept of Greenhouse farming gaining precedence over traditional farming in India, Polyhouse farming is gaining popularity too. Polyhouse farming is a type of Greenhouse farming that uses polyethylene as the cover. The idea of a more controlled environment that can cultivate better seasonal & non-seasonal crops throughout the year is what has made it a profitable business choice in India. Combining the best of both, Brio Hydroponics provides solutions that support Polyhouse farming through Hydroponic systems. Hydroponics Polyhouse farming is cost-effective and controls the climate for the crops & plants inside the greenhouse. As per a study, it also increases the yield for about 5 to 10 times. It is best suited for seasonal crops so that they can be produced at any time throughout the year. Brio Hydroponics is one of the leading Polyhouse manufacturers in India.

 From Scratch to End

Setting up a hydroponic system and working your way through it can be a little challenging if you are not familiar with the concept. Brio Hydroponics provides Hydroponics farming training in India intending to impart holistically designed training sessions to the team members operating the complete system. It is more of a continuous culture of learning & developing skills so that the best results can be achieved.

Polyhouse farming training in India has opened up an avenue that can lead to overall growth in the industry. Polyhouse & Hydroponic farming is what makes a perfect commercial business model while maintaining the quality of life and joining in as a supporting hand to save the environmental resources.