A To Z About Hydroponic System

A To Z About Hydroponic System

With all the advancements around the world, the agriculture sector is not untouched with the same. The sector has seen some amazing advancements in recent times which has made agriculture and food production extremely easy and convenient.

Amidst the various advancements, we are here talking about the trending technique called hydroponic farming in India. It is an indoor agriculture technique that comes with many benefits. However, to make the best use of the hydroponic technique, one must be sure of using a suitable system for the same.

Are you aware of the hydroponic systems? If not, then let us take you through the different types of hydroponic systems that can be used in the technique.

Hydroponic system:

In other words, a hydroponic system can be called as Fan-Pad Poly house farming that maintains the proper climatic surroundings for the proper and healthy plants and crops. The hydroponic system must be chosen carefully as it is one of the contributing factors for food production.

Also, there are different types of hydroponic systems available in the market that can be used during hydroponic training in India as well. Interested in knowing?

Different types of hydroponic systems:

Here are the different types of hydroponic systems available:

  1. Wick system:

This is the basic system for hydroponic that contains no moving tools. All the required nutrients and water are added to the plant's root with the help of a wick connected to the growing media. It is also the most affordable option available.

  1. Deepwater culture system:

This method is suitable for water-loving crops such as lettuce. Small containers containing the plants with growing media are left to float in the water tanks. Air is added there with the help of pumps.

  1. Nutrient film technique:

This is one popular hydroponic system used in the technique. In this, essential nutrients and water are continuously supplied to the plant's roots. The excess water is drained out with the help of a drain tube.

Also, a pump is used to supply a sufficient amount of air to the crops and plants for better healthy growth.


  1. How hydroponic works?

Hydroponic farming in India is a simple technique that allows indoor food production with the use of soilless growing media. It uses the organic growing medium as well instead of water which helps the plants to make use of plants nutrients for better growth without any hassles.

  1. What are hydroponic systems?

The hydroponic system is similar to the net-house which provides suitable and convenient climatic conditions for the production of crops. All the essential climatic requirements in the hydroponic system can be controlled to be sure of growing healthy plants and crops with the help of hydroponic training in India.

  1. Benefits of hydroponics:
  • Soilless food production
  • Better use of resources and growing space
  • Faster growth
  • Maintenance of pH level
  • No weed required